WalkBikeNC Plan: Where Walking and Biking Become Part of our Everyday Lives

  • 2/21/2014

The North Carolina Department of Transportation recently completed and adopted the WalkBikeNC Plan, North Carolina's Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The Plan was developed through a collaboration between state agencies, local governments, and private entities. 

Built around a framework that addresses mobility, safety, economic development, health and wellness, and the environment, the Plan provides a blueprint for future collaboration that will transform the State into one where walking and bicycling become a part of our everyday lives. Specifically, the Plan recommends an update to the state bicycle route system originally developed in the 1970s. In addition, a health impact assessment and economic analysis were conducted to determine the significant impact to health and economy with the implementation of the Plan.

This best practice example was submitted by Matthew Hayes of Alta Planning and Design
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