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2013 Livable Communities Summit Moves Piedmont Together Regional Planning Project Closer to Implementation Phase

  • 11/20/2013
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Regional cooperation, flexible regulation and planning for economically integrated neighborhoods are keys to improve the Piedmont Triad economy, as discussed during the 2nd Annual Livable Communities Summit. An ideal development scenario will be created soon based on priorities expressed at the summit, and those being gathered via online and print surveys.

Don't miss the most important planning summit for the Piedmont Triad

  • 11/07/2013
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In depth discussions on development strategies and mixed-use financing will be held during Piedmont Together's Livable Communities Summit and Equity Summit II on Thursday, November 14, 2013. Community advocates, developers, local governments and all interested stakeholders are invited to attend the summits and the Economic Opportunities bus tour on Friday, November 15, 2013 in High Point, NC. Advance registration is required.

Possible Piedmonts: Three Stories

  • 7/01/2013
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Data collected from the If-Then survey (October 2012) was used to develop narratives of three possible futures for the Piedmont Triad. Project contributors have been asked to submit action items and tactics to move the region away from the bleak future Mother Mary has and toward a more prosperous future, as depicted in the stories of Stormin’ Norman, Carolina and the Tech Twins.