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Equity in the Piedmont Triad

  • 3/23/2014
  • report
The purpose of this report is to provide stakeholders the factual foundation necessary to engage in a well-informed, on-going dialogue about a path to inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Building economic prosperity and resilience for everyone in our region requires a wide ranging set of approaches, spearheaded and sustained by numerous stakeholders representing a broad range of interests from throughout our region. Collaboration across organizations and sectors will ensure and sustain robust, opportunity-rich communities.

Piedmont Together's Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

  • 3/10/2014
  • report
The Piedmont Together project team has generated goals, objectives, and strategies for each of the project's five main focus areas of housing, jobs, transportation, health, and places & spaces. The full set of recommendations and supporting research will be presented at the Framework for Prosperity summit on March 27, 2014 in downtown Greensboro. Register now to be one of the first to see the plan in its entirety.