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Clean Team Ambassadors now underway in Downtown Winston-Salem

  • 9/23/2014
  • by Kyle
  • news
Downtown workers, visitors, and residents will notice a cleaner, safer, and friendlier downtown with the beginning of a new Clean Team Ambassador Service that has just begun. The continued growth and visitor traffic in downtown Winston-Salem fueled the creation of the Downtown Winston-Salem Business Improvement District (DWSBID) by the Mayor and City Council. The primary goals behind the creation of the DWSBID were to promote a cleaner and safer downtown environment, develop stronger marketing and promotional items, assist and promote accelerated development, and enhance the downtown physical appearance. The City of Winston-Salem has contracted with the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership (DWSP) to provide the programs and services that will meet these goals. "We are happy to have the Clean Team Ambassador program underway, said City of Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines. “We have had tremendous growth in pedestrian traffic and this program will be a big part of our continued success."

Urban heat’s effect on the environment

  • 8/13/2014
  • by Liz
  • news
New research from North Carolina State Univ. shows that urban “heat islands” are slowly killing red maples in the southeastern U.S. One factor is that researchers have found warmer temperatures increase the number of young produced by the gloomy scale insect—a significant tree pest—by 300%, which in turn leads to 200 times more adult gloomy scales on urban trees.