The Connections Growth Scenario

  • 11/15/2013

Strategic infrastructure investments have made communities throughout our region extremely well-connected. Robust transit services, a complete system of streets, sidewalks, bike lanes and trails, and high-speed internet access link our region together, supporting businesses, reducing transportation congestion and costs, and improving air quality and community health.

Key outcomes of the Connections Growth Scenario include:

  • Job training is well-connected and carefully matched to employer needs.
  • Freight moves through our region quickly and easily.
  • Many goods are produced locally from regionally-sourced materials.
  • Healthy community design and affordable healthcare support a healthy workforce.
  • Rail and transit hubs serve as vibrant, mixed-use activity centers.
  • Prime industrial sites are reserved, available, and well-connected.
  • Lifecycle industries are thriving - connecting business by-products and inputs.
  • People drive less, spend less on gas and vehicles, and air quality is improved.
  • Streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit connect neighborhoods and communities.
  • Everyone benefits from ghigh speek internet access - businesses and residents.