The Conservation Growth Scenario

  • 11/15/2013

Our region has been very smart with its rich set of natural and cultural resources over the past quarter century. The conservation and cultivation of these assets is a top priority for communities. The high value we place on places and spaces provides a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits to citizens, local governments, businesses, farmers and visitors. Known as a place where quality of life is paramount - creative entrepreneurs thrive in, and flock to, our region’s famous culture of conservation and innovation.

Key outcomes of the Conservation Growth Scenario include:

  • Local renewable energy production lowers costs, provides jobs and cleans air.

  • Farms and forests are protected, productive and well-connected to regional markets.

  • Trees, parks and green infrastructure keep our air and water quality high.

  • Regional greenways provide recreation, habitat and water quality benefits.

  • People – old and young – enjoy our small town charm and big city excitement.

  • Our tourism industry is strong and our resources are accessible and engaging.

  • Local food production and processing improves access to nutritious food for everyone.

  • Clean/green industries and locally produced renewables abound.

  • Downtowns and old shopping centers are redeveloped as attractive destinations.

  • Thriving viticulture and micro-brew industries serve local and export markets.