The Efficient Growth Scenario

  • 11/15/2013

Investments are strongly focused on existing communities and neighborhoods, upgrades to existing infrastructure systems and redevelopment opportunities. Instead of spreading out into our farm and forest lands, a compact form of development is preferred, where people live close to their jobs and parents walk their kids to school.

Key outcomes of the Efficient Growth Scenario include:

  • Our compact development form preserves farms, forests, and natural areas.
  • Land is used more efficiently for all types of development.
  • Old mills and shopping centers are cleaned up and repurposed.
  • Shared public uses are common - schools, libraries, gardens, and playgrounds.
  • Public services and infrastructure operate efficiently and cost less.
  • Housing choices are greater and more affordable.
  • Suburban neighborhoods are revitalized and well-connected.
  • Neighborhood shops, cafes, and restaurants build a strong sense of community.
  • Our region is a network of resilient and vibrant neighborhoods, towns, and cities.
  • Denser, mixed-use development supports more walking and biking.