In using “equity” as a guiding principle, we believe in creating communities that provide equal access to opportunity. With the region’s growth and changing demographics, the Piedmont Triad is set to become more diverse, and we want to ensure our communities remain inclusive places to live, work, and raise families.  Piedmont Together believes in recognizing our region’s demographic changes and in working to build a better future for all of our residents. Therefore, the principle of equity relates to each of the plan’s five main focus areas: Housing, Transportation, Jobs, Health, and Places & Spaces.  

In our vision for the Piedmont, everyone should have access to:

  • fair housing with more choices and increased affordability, like those found in neighborhoods with mixed residential options
  • public transportation, for the ability to travel to and from work, whether living in a rural or urban county
  • a job in the competitive “new” economy 
  • affordable and convenient health care
  • a preserved natural environment and a built environment that promotes healthy communities