Making the Planet Part of your Bottom Line

  • 2/05/2013

While it may seem costly, going green can actually make money. Burlington-based TS Designs serves as a great example of a business using the triple-bottom-line business model focused on three equally important bottom lines: People, the Planet, and Profits. Founded in 1977, the company has surpassed tumult in the manufacturing industry by making environmentally-friendly processes part of its purpose. The company offers quality shirts while taking steps to be conscious of the planet in their manufacturing - including solar panels, Carolina grown cotton, and sustainable landscaping.

Here are further resources about going green (and incentives for going green!) that may be of interest to your business:

The Worldwatch Institute - Good Green-Money-Saving Primer

EnergyStar -Green Appliance Tax Credits

Database for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiencies – Federal, State, and Local renewable-energy incentives

Frugally Green & Pays to Live Green – Glean tips large and small at indie green-living-meets-personal-finance blogs

Green Disk & CD Recycling Center – Buy writable CD’s in 100% recycled packing and recycling CD cases, old CD’s etc instead of throwing them away.