Regional Profiles of Broadband Utilization in NC

  • 10/01/2011

Many communities and regions across North Carolina face numerous and dramatic challenges, among them economic dislocation and an aging population. Most rural areas face the additional challenge of population shifts from rural to urban areas. In the face of these challenges, how can communities and businesses maximize their competitiveness, while improving their quality of life? One area with significant potential is broadband, which can be leveraged into tangible benefits for communities, businesses and households. Businesses can become more productive, competitive and reach into new markets. Households can access services more easily and often more cheaply. Governments can delivery services more cost effectively. 

This report examines how regions in North Carolina differ in their utilization of broadband and where they can look to make improvements. The report shows in detail how different industry sectors rate compare to the state average and compared to other regions. The report provides insights and hard evidence that allows regions and businesses to assess where they stand, as well as to identify what kinds of actions will improve their performance and benefits.