Sustainability as a Guide

  • 2/19/2012

Greensboro finds itself asking several questions when it comes to development:

  • How do we support a thriving and vibrant downtown and walkable neighborhoods while addressing growth pressure at the fringes?
  • How do we attract and retain employers while still being good stewards of natural resources?
  • And, for city governments, how can we support staff and become more resource and cost efficient as an organization?

However, in recent years Greensboro has also received funding to help answer some of these questions, including the Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The boost from these funds prompted many communities, like Greensboro, to develop energy, climate action, and sustainability plans and to weave sustainability themes into their comprehensive plans.

The city used the grant to undertake greenhouse gas inventories, and to draft a Sustainability Action Plan addressing everything from transportation and green jobs to education and “nature in the city.”  And in response to the question of, “What if we could align all of our plans by using sustainability as a guide?” the city began to incorporate the themes of energy and sustainability into Greensboro’s comprehensive plan, Connections 2025.