Downtown Greensboro Gets a Bit Hoppier

  • 8/08/2014
  • by Walter

Since 2004 with the establishment of Natty Greene's, Greensboro's downtown has been known for craft beer, but as America becomes more and more supportive of local economy and local beer for that matter there has been a huge boom in small time breweries popping up all over the place. It seemed like it would never be Greensboro's time for a new brewery as if the people had just decided that one brewery was enough. Well now it seems that is no longer the case. In fact, possibly by the beginning of next year Greensboro is going to have three new breweries (four if you include Natty Greene's) within a 15 minute bike ride from one another.

The first of the three microbreweries, Pig Pounder opened up its doors earlier this year.  Their particular niche in the market will be somewhat alternative to to the popular hoppy IPA's and Pale Ales and stick with some of the more traditional English style beers. Over on Lewis street just next to the City Market parking area Gibb's Hundred Brewing Company  will be opening up come mid-September and will be moving into and is currently giving a old warehouse a nice face lift (Check back for pictures soon). Little is known about the latest brewery in fact the only thing that is really known is that it is joint effort between Crafted: The Art of the TacoKristina Fuller and husband and wife duo, Calder and Nicole Preyer. The plan is to have both a brewery and restaurant in the same location which will be across the street from the new Deep Roots MarketThe brewery will be known as Preyer Brewery and will feature six regular beers and two or three seasonal beers. While Kristina has plans to expand the Crafted name into this new venture she is not ready to commit to telling what delicious cuisine she will bring to the new location. Only time will tell.