Ending Job Piracy, Building Regional Prosperity

  • 7/15/2014
  • by Walter

One of the hardest things about living in globalized economy is the fact that we are now competing on a world stage for jobs. While the majority of manufacturing jobs have moved on to the next cheapest country, cities  struggle with keeping a grip on the manufacturing jobs that are left. One  cause for this is neighboring cities, counties, and states pitting against each other for the next employer that threatens to pick up and move. When a company changes locations based a solicited deal from another town, county, or state this is referred to as Job Piracy

Job piracy is not a new idea by any means. Areas like Kansas City , Denver, CO and Dayton, OH, and the Twin Cities often have sibling rivalries when it comes to pitching incentives to companies that are eager to get a better deal. Tactics like this only damage intergovernmental relationships.

Good Jobs First is non-profit that focuses on promoting corporate and government accountability in economic development and smart growth for working families. They have recently come out with a report called Ending Job Piracy, Building Regional Prosperity that they feel could end some of the major issues of job piracy and feel that it is a great step toward ending it for all. This report is an  analysis of several different efforts including sharing of tax-bases and shared access to community development economic funds regardless of boundary lines. 

For more information about Good Jobs First Visit their site and check out the full report below.