Piedmont Together Implementation Begins

  • 10/13/2015

In 2014, the three year planning process to produce the Piedmont Together plan was completed.  The transition from planning process to implementation began in early 2015 as Piedmont Together Consortium members and others who had been engaged in the plan convened to organize the next steps.

Over a period of several months, the participants met and developed a mission statement for Piedmont Together, drafted by-laws and chose an Executive Board who will further the implementation process.  The members of the Executive Committee are [link to the Executive Board article] and will serve until the annual meeting of the Consortium in November 2015. 

Actual plan implementation will be enacted chiefly through two means: Convening and collaborating with those who are already engaged with an issue within the Piedmont Together plan; and, Initiating projects where there is no effective regional solution underway.

The structural composition of Piedmont Together is intended to be an extremely lean and efficient operation, currently budgeting only for an Operations Director to be responsive to Consortium members, project opportunities and Board responsibilities.