Piedmont Together recognized for work on equity, Kirstner will speak at Louisiana summit

  • 10/31/2014

Piedmont Together gains recognition and a place in the spotlight at the Louisiana Smart Growth Summit. Piedmont Together continually brings together multiple residents and partners from communities throughout the region that are working together to develop solutions and create a stronger local economy. Piedmont Together also works toward equitable development through events like the upcoming “Building Bridges to a Stronger Economy” equity summit created with PolicyLink. Because of these efforts, the Louisiana Smart Growth Summit has invited Mark E. Kirstner, Director of Planning for PART and Piedmont Together Project Manager, to be a speaker at the event.

The summit is scheduled for November 10-12, 2014 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On the second day of the summit, Kirstner and PolicyLink Associate Director Anita Hairston will discuss equitable development as it relates to transit and strategies for leveraging infrastructure and transportation investments for inclusive job creation. For more information about the Louisiana Smart Growth Summit, visit http://summit.cpex.org/.

To be a part of the equitable development discussion in the Piedmont Triad, register here for Piedmont Together’s upcoming “Building Bridges to a Stronger Economy” summit scheduled for Thursday, December 4th.