Riding WSTA Just Got a Little Bit Easier

  • 4/25/2014
  • by Walter

Good news for all of you that live or work in Winston-Salem. Riding WSTA just got a little easier. 

At the begining of this month WSTA implemented a service called NextBus. Which does pretty much does what you think. It tells you about the Next Bus. Anywhere in the world now you can go to the WSTA NextBus Site and find out when then next bus is coming to that particular stop on the particular route that you are looking to hop on. The best part is you can do this not only on a computer and a smartphone, but you can use any phone that has the ability to text to receive SMS updates. For those of us with the ability to check the interent on our phones and computers NextBus can be accessed though Google Maps on the right side of the page.