Wake-Up Wake County

  • 9/17/2014
  • by Walter

As Piedmont Together moves from the planning phase into an implementation phase, we have found ourselves looking at the success of others in our state. One of the best practices that we have found  is citizens to taking ownership of the plans and recommendations of regional planning efforts like Piedmont Together. Wake-Up Wake County seems to be one of the shining examples within our state of citizens taking ownership of a plan for their region.

Wake-Up Wake County is an organization that has established itself in the Raleigh area as a group that pushes for the improvement and change in the way that their community is developed. Wake-Up Wake County's goal is to encourage and educate on the benefits of establishing and maintaining a community that prides itself on the importance of sustainable development in every sense of the word. Their main focuses as an organization take stances on clean water, mixed use development, walkable communities, improved air quality, and protected open spaces as a result of effective transportation and land use planning. 

One of the main driving forces behind the Wake-Up Wake County is Karen Rindge. She is the executive director of Wake-Up Wake County and was one of the founders of the Wake County movement from back in 2006. Before Taking on the challenge of making changes in Wake County Rindge spent time in Washington D.C. working on non-profit advocacy and grassroots organizing and as a legislative aide to NC Congressman James McClure Clarke.

If you are interested in learning more about Karen Rindge and how you can start and maintain a advocacy group, Rindge will be coming to The Forge Monday September 29th. You can find out more about the event and register Here.