Lexington's Re-creation of Recreation

  • 7/11/2014
  • by Walter

The City of Lexington's Re-creation of Recreation project focuses on "re-creating" parks and recreation facilities.  This project has been on the minds of many of the city officials for some time.  Not only does the project line up with the Lexington 2020 Renaissance Planbut was on the city councils list of goals.  All of the phases of the project are expected to be completed by the 2018, and will focus on three parks and one indoor recreation facility. 

Hillside Pool
The first of the parks that will be renovated will be the Hillside Pool.  This piece of property was acquired by the City of Lexington by Hillside Properties and the city has plans to make this Olympic sized swimming pool and pool house accessible by ADA requirements.  Residents will be able to take advantage of this in the summer of 2015, but until then the facility will remain closed. 

Washington Park
Not only was this facility outlined to be redone, but there was a full assessment of what the future of the park should be.  Through community outreach and designs and input from city officials Washington Park would be reborn.  The plans for the park are to create an area that would be fun and safe place for families around the area to meet and socialize.  The facility will have public picnic areas, and a splash pad for children.  Washington Park will unfortunately be closed for the summer 2014, but is scheduled to reopen in 2015-2016.

Radcliffe Park
Through Lexington's community outreach efforts, the public made it quite evident that the community would benefit greatly with having a skate park in the town.  Currently Radcliffe Park houses one of Lexington's public pools.  Since there is a significant amount of construction taking place on some of Lexington's existing pools Radcliffe Park's pool will remain open for the summer of 2014.  Construction of the skate park will begin in Phase 2 of the project and is set to be completed by 2016-2017.

City Recreation Indoor Facility
For decades the residents of Lexington have been asking for an indoor recreation facility that would center on education for younger generations in Lexington.  After four independent studies Lexington is moving forward on the plan.  While Lexington does not officially have a set site they are currently in negotiations with the owners of the old Tri-Distributors building.  While plans for the site are somewhat up in the air right now the City of Lexington is planning on making connections with organizations and schools around the area to get the most out of the facility as possible.  If everything goes to plan they will be looking for consultants to gage community input and design the facility.  The designers will also be charged with the task of completing the construction by 2017-2018.