Community Design Workshop: City of Greensboro

  • 6/23/2014
  • by Walter

The focus of the workshop was to engage the Lawndale Drive and Kirkdale community on improvements that they would like to see in their area. The two major focuses for the event were transportation as well as the development of the old Sears distribution building. Lawndale Drive is a major North-South corridor connecting Northwest Greensboro to downtown. Its primary design is to move traffic which tends to create a barrier between the Kirkwood neighborhood and the commercial development. In additional, the nature of the roadway accommodates more intense development which could result in a complete character change for the area. Making the Lawndale corridor more pedestrian and bike friendly as well as connecting the neighborhood to the Downtown Greenway will need to be a consideration.

Top Challenges Facing Lawndale Corridor Based on Community Input

• The Sears Building presents the community with a series of challenges and opportunities.

• Neighborhoods need protection from commercial encroachment.

• North-South traffic flows require better traffic management.

• The area lacks significant east-west connectivity.

• The Atlantic-Yadkin Greenway is a substantive asset, but lacks connectivity to the Lawndale corridor.