Community Design Workshop: City of Winston-Salem

  • 6/20/2014

Winston-Salem residents, business owners and government officials gathered in early March to participate in a community design workshop focused on the area around the intersection of Polo Road and North Cherry Street in the City’s North Ward. The general study area included an area bounded by University Parkway to the west and Indiana Avenue to the east, North Point Boulevard to the North, and Reynolds Boulevard to the South. The area was selected over other neighborhoods because of its various opportunities and challenges concerning transportation, access to food, an available NCDOT property and a mix of development types and demographics.

Top Challenges Facing Winston-Salem Based on Public Input

• Poor “curb appeal” within some areas of the neighborhood.

• Poor conditions of structures of some rental properties.

• Residents do not feel that the streets are safe to use for bicycles & pedestrians.

• Neighborhood feels that there could be more businesses that serve the needs of their community.

View the full community workshop report below.