Equity in the Piedmont Triad

  • 3/23/2014


Strategic investment in all of our communities is essential to economic growth for our nation, our state and our region. The United States, North Carolina, and the Piedmont Triad have historically all built communities with tools and in ways that created and perpetuated inequities of public services and investments. These inequities will need to be addressed and balanced if the region is to grow and prosper for all of its residents. As the country witnesses new extremes of inequality alongside the emergence of a new people‐of‐color majority, equity has become an economic imperative.

As the Piedmont Triad inches its way out of the Great Recession and looks toward the future, the need for a new policy framework to guide our economic growth is clear. The middle-class has shrunk; making the gap between the affluent and poor the widest it has ever been and the gap continues to grow. The Piedmont Triad region is rapidly becoming more diverse. Increasingly, the Piedmont Together project team kept asking itself, “What does an inclusive and sustainable path to economic growth look like, and how do we, as a region, achieve it?”

The purpose of this report is to provide stakeholders the factual foundation necessary to engage in a well-informed, on-going dialogue to answer this pressing question. Building economic prosperity and resilience for everyone in our region requires a wide ranging set of approaches, spearheaded and sustained by numerous stakeholders representing a broad range of interests from throughout our region. Collaboration across organizations and sectors will ensure and sustain robust, opportunity-rich communities.