Triad Tomorrow - the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the Piedmont Triad

  • 2/26/2014

In tandem with Piedmont Together, the Piedmont Triad Regional Council has been working on Triad Tomorrow – a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the Piedmont Triad region.

This plan is part of a larger, statewide initiative called NC Tomorrow, designed to create a more coordinated approach to economic development in NC. The CEDS serves as the foundational economic development element for Piedmont Together.

Assets identified by the CEDS include:

  • Farm & forest lands 
  • Scenic beauty
  • Transportation system and international airport
  • Communities, downtowns and neighborhoods
  • Universities, colleges and schools
  • Healthcare resources
  • People

Challenges identified include:

  • Re-using an abundant resource – abandoned mills and employment centers
  • Providing more transportation choices / greater walkability
  • Providing more housing choices that are affordable and safe
  • Supporting our existing businesses and industries
  • Providing greater access to healthy food for everyone
  • Seeking greater energy efficiency
  • Reinventing our communities and workforce in a rapidly changing economy
  • Significant job losses

But the future looks bright.
A projected growth rate of 25 percent over the next quarter century will bring 400,000 new people into our region needing some 150,000 new homes and an estimated 400,000 new jobs for a New Economy.

What is the vision for communities across the region?

  • It’s a place in which we want ourselves, and our children and our children’s children to live and work and play.
  • It’s a place we want others to be attracted to – both visitors and prospective businesses.
  • A place that’s friendly – for business, for people and for the environment.
  • A place that is well connected – for business, and people and the environment
  • A place that’s filled with fun, safe and vibrant communities, neighborhoods and downtowns.
  • A place that’s beautiful and clean that we are proud to call our home.

To achieve this vision, the team has identified goals, objectives and strategies in four key areas:

  • Competitive Advantage - Building on the authentic economic sectors of our region
  • Vibrant Communities - Allocating resources that improve the  quality of life in communities across our region
  • Infrastructure - Building on and investing in the fixed assets of our region
  • Talent - Investing in our region’s human capital and the support systems they need to thrive and succeed.

The CEDS underscores the importance of equitable opportunities, sustainable growth, and building greater economic resiliency. It affirms the importance of working together, and as the five-year plan is implemented, it will be up-dated to better reflect the changing needs of the region’s communities  – urban and rural, large and small.  

Adoption of the CEDS will benefit communities and organizations in our region by:

  • Enhancing eligibility for EDA funding
  • Demonstrating how local projects advance broader regional interests, and
  • Enhancing the region's eligibility to become an Economic Development District and receive EDA planning funds.

More information can be found in the attached Comprehensive Economic Development Stategy and presentation.